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GORSAD - the Kiev-based trio of artists, Masha Romaniuk, Ulik Romaniuk, Vitya Vasyliev, specialised on alternative photography and provocative advertising. Gorsads works are mainly focused on youth, feelings and sexuality in all their peculiarities and oddities.

Since                               2011  

Photography and projects has exhibited worldwide at main gallerys: New York, Seattle, London, Paris, Berlin, Köln, Kyiv, Leipzig, Barselona, Malmö, Ljubljana, Odessa, Athens, Vilnius and others

GORSAD’s works have been published in magazines such as: Vogue, L’officel, Numero, Liberation, Dazed magazine, Kapital-noviny, Vice magazine, I-D magazine, DUST Magazine, Tush magazine, Trip mag, Tissue Mag, S Mag New York, Сalvertjournal, Dry Magazine, Blink Magazine, Romeo magazine, Eclectic magazine, Sedition Magazine etc  


GORSAD is a full-service photo and video production with a focus on provocative content. We cover a full range of services from perfect casting to postproduction. We specialize in such creative projects as: photo and video shoots, advertising campaigns and short films.

Selected clients:
TTSWTRS, Litkovskaya, Luxoptica, Skim milk LA, Tender and Dangerous, HOOD BY AIR, Alan Badoev, Max Barskih, Ariel Pink, Dazed magazine, Desillusion Skatebording, Cashbroke, etc

Working worldwide


2015 «Waterpistol» Galleri Vasli Souza, Malmö, Sweden
2016 «Ugly flowers» Plac Boris, Ljubljana,Slovenia 
2017 «Sour Patch kids» Dilecta Galerie, Paris, France
2021  Gorsad 10 Years,  White world gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2021  GORSAD, The Smallest gallery, Graz, Austria


2015«Gorsad» printed by PogoBooks Berlin  #103  ISBN: 978-3-942547-52-9
2018«Birds&Bees. Teens of sadness» printed by Perish Publishing,
Toronto, Canada
2020 «Spring selection» published  by GORSAD
2021  « Gorsad commercials »  published  by GORSAD


International Photography Magazine


2012  I Love Kiev festival: project «Youngblood» Kiev, Ukraine
2014 The Photocopy Club, Urban Spree gallery, Berlin
2014 The Photocopy Club,  Two Art Studio Newtown, South Africa
2014  Project «Youth» Gallery Vasli Souza, Malmö, Sweden
2014  STILL LIFE # SHIT HAPPENS, Erratum gallery Berlin
2014  3rd a Brighton photo biannual   Doomed Gallery, Dalston, London.
2014  Oranbeg NET 08: Contemporary Youth,  South Street Seaport, New York
2015  Hotline, Mutuo Galería ·Barcelona, Spain.
2015  NÉNÉ - k o m m t, Galerie Pop;68, Köln, Germany
2016  The Inequality Issue, gallery Etage  Projects, Kopenhagen, Dänemark
2016  Timorous Beasties ,Studio gallery, Seattle, USA
2016  UNLOCKED Exhibition by   ‪Atopos cvc, ‪Athens, Greece
2016  “I am not here” Kyiv art week, Museum of Kyiv History, Kyiv, Ukraine
2016  “Home sweet home” Bereznitsky Aesthetics, Kyiv,Ukraine
2017  “BABY, I LIKE IT RAW ” Post-Eastern Bloc Photography & Video, Czech Center, NY 
2017   5th Odessa Biennale of contemporary art, Ukraine
2018  “Am I my generation? ” Sodu4 gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania

2018   “Skip Intro ” EEP Berlin gallery, Berlin, Germany
2018   “
Фотовыставка ” Bursa gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2019  “Loose” 71a Gallery London ,UK
2019    Berlin Photo week, Park House X-berg ,EEP Belin, Germany
2019    LET US IN: TOGETHER, Clichy, Paris 
2019  "LOVE, LUST & FURY" Contemporary Ukrainian Photography, Klaipėda,
2021  "Life in time of Coronavirus "Roma, Italy 

2021 “ЧУТЛИВІСТЬ” Mystetskyi Arsenal  Kyiv, Ukraine

2021   Shift & Variation, Akt space Kyiv, Ukraine

2021 “Portraits without Borders”  Fotogalerie Friedrichshain, Berlin, Germany



   2013 Metropol# 1,# 3
   2013 Blood of the young zine #3

   2013 Alovetoken Quick Release #6
   2013 Blood of the young zine #175
   2013 YOUNGSHOT Issue #1

   2014 TRIP MAG,2015 War fanzine #3
   2014 Mollusk Mag,  #8(Cover)
   2014 Meanwhile Press ISSUE  2
   2014 EL DIARIO VASCO may issue

   2014 Secret Magazine - Issue 1
   2014 The Photocopy club  zine
   2014 DOOMED ZINE Issue one

   2015 CACTUS First Edition
   2015 Clooch  Magazine #1(Cover)
   2015 liberation newspaper August 
   2015 Romeo magazine
   2015 PACIFIC DISSENT issue #3

   2015 Газета «Гедонист»#4 (Cover)
   2015 Desillusion issue "Now"
   2016 Dry Magazine V - The Inequality 
   2016 UNLOCKED book, 
   2016 Eclectic magazine issue five
   2016 Blink Magazine issue #46
   2018  Kapital-noviny #6 
   2018  Made in Ukraine UPHA (Cover)
   2018  NIDO Magazin
   2018  L’officel hommes Ukraine
   2019  Tush magazine
   2020 DIY YOUTH 004
   2021 Sedition Magazine issue #4


  Dazed magazine